Take back control of your meetings with Minutes.

Access all of your meeting minutes in the palm of your hands

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Built for iOS and iPad OS

Created with SwiftUI for maximum visual performance on both your iPhone and iPad

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No login, signup or password

Not a 2000's app, it uses your iCloud credentials, no more forgotten passwords or logins

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Local and cloud storage

Local database and cloud support via iCloud to backup your data

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Keep your devices synced

Built in iCloud services, it keeps your devices in sync in a magical way

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Built in support for Dark mode

Like Dark Mode?, then keep using the app at any moment

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Suport for Dynamic types

If you need huge fonts or small it supports & adapt

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CSV items Export

Integrate your minutes items or share your items with a simple csv export file

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Free ... with limits

Start using the app for free, no credit card or any other entry needed

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Monthly and Yearly subscriptions

Ready to get a PRO memberhip, you can choose monthly or yearly payments

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Local notifications on items

Enable local notifications on items with Due Dates, manage it at your own convenience

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(New feature)

Document relate and history

Relate your document with previous meetings

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(New feature)

Add collaborators

Add collaborators over iCloud to your documents

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(New PRO feature)

Email Automation

Send personilized emails with specific tasks to all of your attendees in a single action

... ...
... ...

Capture all the meeting value created
in a single

Use Minutes to take back control of your meetings by creating specialized minutes documents with responsibles, due dates and items classifications

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... ...

We have lots of experience
building Mobile Apps.

We've built well over a dozen iOS Apps in the last 10 years!

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Native code all the way!

Built in all new SwiftUI for maximum UI/UX performance


What our clients says about Minutes

We dont' like to brag, but we don't mind letting our customers do it for us. Here are a few nice things folks have said about Minutes.


“Very intuitive and easy to use. Super easy to keep track of meetings and making them more productive.”

chernand12, 01/09/2020
Cool design!

“I am starting to use this app, and I love the design. It feels fresh and easy to use.”

Juandacruser, 01/20/2020
Friendly App

“Excellent app , friendly handling and work awesome , solved an issue in mu day day work”

Charlgus, 01/08/2020
Excelente app!

“La app es super útil e intuitiva! 100% recomendada!”

orlandopl, 01/09/2020
Excelente App

“Es una herramienta excelente y fácil de usar. Recomendada 100%!”

daniizab, 01/15/2020

Stay focused on your business.
Let us handle the meetings.

You have a business to run. Stop waisting precious time in meetings that goes nowhere and increase productivity across your team.

Easy, simple pricing for all.

Start using the app for FREE or activate the FREE trial period then move to a PRO Membership plan


Up to 30 meeting minutes documents

Up to 12 items per document

Access to all updates and new features

Get it now


$ 6.00 /mo

per user

Create with no limits, Build and store unlimited documents in your pocket

Get it now

Is my data Safe?

Absolutely. All of your data is being managed by Apple and iCloud using your own credentials, we have no access to your data, only you can do so


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We have a huge list of features to be added to the app in the upcoming months


What happens if I cancel my subscription?

You'll keep all your data but will be contraint to the FREE membership limits

Get started

Get Minutes and save your time.

Stop wasting time in meetings, get the app, start getting things the right way and increase your Productivity!

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